Investment & Portfolio Counselor (2017-4509)

Our clients work hard for their money and we work hard for our clients. Their success is our success, their goals are our goals. Building an honest transparent relationship with clients and exceeding our fiduciary responsibilities separates us from other financial firms.
We are looking for someone passionate about how we service our clients. The Portfolio Counselor is responsible for welcoming new clients and aligning our portfolio approach and strategy with their goals. Being the ambassador in beginning our long relationship, you are entrusted with establishing a positive experience in the eyes of each client.
We are looking for bold professionals who articulate our financial philosophy and educate clients on investments strategies as they begin their partnership.
Having success in a finance or sales role is ground work for continued achievement as a Portfolio Counselor. You will be the voice of Fisher Investments from our Portland Metro Area office, becoming a pivotal point in the process and shaping the future of every relationship.
Taking the time to understand each high-net-worth client's goals and objectives are important and a great opportunity to understand more about the people we service. Creating an honest authentic relationship with each client is integral to earning your compensation on high rates of conversion.
You have the opportunity to guide clients through the beginning stages of being a client. Through educating each of your assigned clients on our investment philosophy and providing a fundamental understanding of investment decisions suggested for their long term success, you form a high level trust in believing better is possible.
Successful Portfolio Counselors help people begin to help themselves. Working hard, communicating effectively, and connecting with people are what Portfolio Counselors need to deliver the elite service we expect. It will be challenging every step of the way, but rewarding at the deepest level--reach for something different and become a part of Fisher Investments.

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