Wealth Relationship Advisor (2017-4439)

Lift the weight of pressures to prospect clients or sell specific products. Instead, focus on becoming a financial expert. Stop spending your time on the things that prevent you from doing what matters most as a financial advisor ‚€“ helping your clients reach their financial goals. Start building quality client relationships, expanding your knowledge of Capital Markets, and becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.
Our internal support departments give you the freedom to simply focus on just that‚€”the bigger picture of bettering the Investment Universe and seeing clients exceed their goals. As a Wealth Relationship Advisor for Fisher Investments, your sole responsibility is building high-net-worth client relationships. You will receive support from internal departments to allow you to focus on providing unparalleled customer service. Go ahead, take off all your extra hats and put them away for good. Become a Wealth Relationship Advisor.
Becoming a Wealth Relationship Advisor, you will:
Receive extensive training and mentorship from other successful Wealth Management Relationship Advisors at the firm
Start receiving high-net-worth clients from all across the US, building up the roster of clients you are personally responsible to serve
Gain advanced finance and capital markets education
Work in an open environment to support organic learning with autonomy to do your own work
Have an unconventional career path, with the potential to understand the industry from all angles
Have a salary with competitive bonuses based off your ability to retain clients
Through your financial experience and understanding of the investment industry, you will have the foundation to take it to another level.
We challenge you to reach. Come refresh yourself in the industry you love. Invest in yourself and make the change. Reach for the next level of personal growth, education, and knowledge.

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Don't Be Fooled

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